SMASH Maths vs competitors

SMASH Maths is unique in using tried and trusted spaced repetition, expertly written exam-style questions, and engaging feedback videos for every question.

We eschew the recent trend towards AI-driven adaptive learning. While beneficial, we think adaptive learning can have notable disadvantages compared to spaced repetition. There is lots of independent research which supports the effectiveness of spaced repetition.

Read on to learn how SMASH Maths is very different to its competitors.

Advantages of SMASH Maths vs competitors
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Spiral versus Adaptive approach

SMASH Maths uses a Spiral Approach based on spaced repetition. This ensures all pupils gain exposure to the whole KS1 or KS2 curriculum (not just the curriculum for their current year group). Less able pupils still get a chance to be challenged with topics across the whole curriculum, while more able pupils do not lose their learning of topics that they are already competent in.

Competitors often tout the merits of an AI-driven adaptive approach which is customised to the individual child’s learning. However, this approach can often lead to children focusing too much on their favoured topic rather than gaining a broad experience of the curriculum. Also, pupils can ‘game the system’ by deliberately answering questions incorrectly so that they are not challenged with harder questions.

Lightens teachers’ and parents’ workloads

SMASH Maths Spiral Practices have been developed using spaced repetition and do not require input, We plan all the topics for the Practices every week, so you don’t have to.

Competitors’ programmes help reduce time and workload. However, teachers and parents must choose topics and assign questions/tests accordingly.

Written by experts

SMASH Maths questions are written by leading experts who specialise just in Primary maths.

Competitors’ questions typically generated by computer and/or a team of general teachers.

High quality Practices

SMASH Maths questions are bespoke and written with context. They promote high cognitive demand in problem solving and reasoning.

Competitors questions typically have little context and can be very repetitive.

Broad curriculum coverage

SMASH Maths Spiral Practices guarantee coverage of the child’s current year group content, but more importantly, content that has been previously learnt in prior years.

Competitors’ programmes do not revisit previous learning from prior years, this making overall learning less secure.

Significant proven impact on learning

SMASH Maths’ Spiral Curriculum approach is based on spaced repetition, which is supported by strong independent scientific research.

Competitors’ impacts on learning often based on studies sponsored by the company, and not from independent research.

Video tutorials

SMASH Maths: expert video tutorials available for every question in every Practice.

Competitors: videos often not available. If available, this is often a generic topic video.

No gamefication

SMASH Maths Practices use GIFs to encourage children to do the questions. Gamefication is not used as this can distract from core learning and does not teach proper question technique.

Competitors often use gamefication to motivate and engage children. However, this can be distracting from core learning and lead to poor exam technique.


SMASH Maths: valuable add-ons included for free in Premium packages, including timed tests, multiplication tables checks, SATs Revision Programme and mock tests.

Competitors: add-ons are usually limited and expensive.