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The best online maths program for home schooling

SMASH Maths Spiral Learning is a great resource for home schooling. Whether you are a parent/carer starting off with home schooling for your child or are already very experienced, SMASH Maths programmes are invaluable in providing a structured, time-saving and rich learning experience.

All of our packages can be used by children aged 5-11 for learning at home: Catch Up, Keep on Track and Prepare for 7+ / 11+ Entrance exams. Our packages can be used for children following a British, US or similar curriculum.

There are several significant advantages in using SMASH Maths for home education.

Full curriculum exposure for your child

A key challenge when home schooling is deciding what curriculum to use for your child – and then finding questions to create the curriculum! SMASH Maths solves this problem for you.

SMASH Maths uses a structured spaced repetition approach. This means that your child will automatically get exposure to all topics in the maths curriculum every week. The maths curriculum we use is the UK maths curriculum, which is well-regarded globally. It is also very suitable for home schooled children in other English-speaking countries (such as the US and Canada) wishing to learn from a broad and rich maths curriculum.

Set structure saves parents significant time and effort

The questions in our Spiral Curriculum are bespoke and carefully written by our experts. This means your child has structure for maths learning and you do not have to waste time and effort choosing topics for your child to learn. We do all the planning for you.

When the Practices are completed by your child, a PDF report is automatically emailed to you. You also have an Analytics tool to monitor the progress of your child.

Expert video tutorials are like having a teacher to help you

All of our questions have expert video feedback which explain exactly how to answer the question for maximum marks. It’s like having a teacher right beside you! The videos are made by Primary education experts Sarah-Anne Fernandes and Trevor Dixon.

Learning delivered to your inbox

Per month

8 SMASH Maths Practices.
80+ questions.

Per week

2 SMASH Maths Practices.
20+ questions.


£6.00 or $7.50 per month. Cancel at any time

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How do I know which package to choose for home schooling?

The best way to find out which package to choose for home learning for your child is to start our free Trial.

There are three levels in the free Trial; Catch Up, Keep on Track, or Prepare for 7+ / 11+ Entrance exams.

If you are unsure which package to choose, it is a good idea to start with the Keep on Track (KOT) package.

If your child is scoring below 50% on KOT, then you can email us to change the package (for free) to Catch Up.

If your child is scoring 50-80% on KOT, then the Keep on Track package is appropriate for your child.

If your child is scoring over 80% on KOT, then please email us and we can change the package (for free) up to Prepare for 7+ / 11+, which includes curriculum content from the year above.

Praise from Home School parents

Recommend. Well presented and helped my child – Jo Hansen

Smash maths has been a great way to support my child’s learning in school. I noticed when home learning that he seemed to approach topics I knew he had been taught months ago as if they were new. This approach gets him thinking about different topics each week and keeps the learning in his mind.

We start with smash maths straight after covid lockdown – Mjlgvs Garcia

We start with smash maths straight after covid lockdown. My two boys were really struggling at maths so they really needed something to help them to improve and get back on track .
Smash maths is perfect! They do the tests quickly it covers all the maths subjects for their year and the best part if they don’t know how to do a exercise there is always a video explaining how is done . My oldest is already at secondary school and is with very good grades at Maths and my youngest now in year 5 is one of the best students at Maths. 

£6.00 or $7.50 per month. Cancel at any time

No credit card needed