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How SMASH Maths does spaced repetition

At SMASH Maths, we live and breathe the Spiral Curriculum and spaced repetition

However, we also take it to the next level by ensuring all Primary pupils get expertly written exam-style questions which are also fun and engaging.

Discover 10 reasons why SMASH Maths gets great maths results.


We believe everyone can SMASH Maths

Our core belief and aspiration is that all students should be able to achieve their best in maths, irrespective of gender, ability, ethnicity, or social background.


Created by leading national experts

Every SMASH Maths online practice is bespoke and written by maths educational experts Sarah-Anne Fernandes and Trevor Dixon.

Together they have a unique breadth of experience authoring books for several highly regarded publishers, and been on the advisory panel for the National Standards Testing Agency for the UK Government.


Unique SMASH Maths Spiral Curriculum

Our SMASH Maths Spiral Curriculum enables students to practice ALL strands of learning from the UK maths curriculum EVERY week. Our years of experience show this is crucial in achieving results and developing confident mathematicians. Other maths products teach by topic, meaning children rarely revisit what they have learnt and soon forget!



We use spaced repetition to ask questions that are based on current year group curriculum content but also content learnt from the year before or sometimes even two or three years before so learning is not forgotten!

From our expert assessment analysis, we know end of key stage 2 (Year 6) national tests and Independent / Grammar school 11+ tests assess students on all their learning from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 in ONE assessment.


Directed practices sent to your email inbox

We send online interactive practice questions on a weekly basis. Our structured model means you don’t need to select the topics to learn or worry about what to prepare for key assessments (that’s our job!) 

Other online learning programs are typically adaptive or use AI. They allow the student to pick their favourite topics, which does not build consistency or coverage of the entire curriculum.


Aligned with exam-based questions.
We don't do gamification!

All our questions are aligned with national SATs questions to prepare children for these key assessments. In addition, our Independent and Grammar school packages provide relevant exam practice for 7+ and 11+ exams.

We do not gamify our questions. In our opinion, gamification does not encourage good technique or problem-solving skills, and does lead to coverage of the whole curriculum. Instead, we engage pupils with fantastic feedback videos and reward GIFs!


Video guidance on how to solve every question

If a question is answered incorrectly, our video feedback provides step-by-step guidance to enable students to learn how to solve the question. This is in line with current teaching methods and uses clear models and images to help children solve questions.


Smash maths learning methods-smash maths

GIFs to reward and encourage students

Motivational GIFs are provided to reward and encourage students when they answer questions correctly and on completion of the test for great effort. 


Key vocabulary and definitions

Our SMASH Maths online practices use key mathematical vocabulary with clear definitions provided in our feedback to help students untangle the mathematical language.


Develop problem solving and reasoning

We use a variety of problems that use logic and reasoning in our SMASH Maths online practices. This deepens students’ understanding of the maths curriculum and helps them master year group content.