Expert videos for every question

Many studies prove that video feedback is more engaging and is better for learning retention compared to reading plain text. This is why SMASH Maths has step-by-step video guidance on how to solve every question to obtain maximum marks. It’s like having a teacher right beside you! This helps build students’ independence and confidence.

Other competing maths programmes will typically provide the answer with no structured explanation, or only provide general videos that cover a broad maths topic.

At SMASH Maths, we have animated videos to model exactly how the question should be answered. The videos are made by our very own education experts Sarah-Anne Fernandes and Trevor Dixon.

Have a look below at some SMASH Maths video feedback to judge the difference for yourself!

Year 1 – Introducing multiplication arrays to Year 1 students
Year 2 – Finding equivalent fractions
Year 3 – Finding all possible combinations (problem solving question)
Year 6 – Geometry question to find a missing angle