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You’re obviously here because you have lots of questions! Find out more below about our products, how we can help you and your child, and our company philosophy.

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  • Yes!

  • Parents/carers can sign up for a two week free trial here for SMASH Maths at Home. No credit card details are needed. Each Thursday, we publish 2 Practices which include at least 10 questions each (10+ questions per week).

  • Schools can sign up for our SMASH Maths for Schools Free Package. This is a free product that we offer to schools, which can significantly reduce their EdTech costs while helping their pupils’ learning significantly by using spaced repetition. Schools can sign up here.

  • Schools can also sign up to our SMASH Maths for Schools Premium Package, which comes with the first month as a free trial (no obligation to purchase afterwards). Schools can sign up here.

For parents/carers:

  1. To subscribe your child to a SMASH Maths program, you need to provide your first and last name, your child’s first name, your email address, your chosen password and your credit/debit card details. Click here: Subscribe to SMASH Maths Practice

  2. You will receive an email invoice very soon after your purchase.

  3. You will then receive a second email within 30 minutes with log-in details to the SMASH Maths parent dashboard.

  4. Your first SMASH Maths practice will be available on your dashboard when you log in.

  5. Your child simply has to click on the link to the dashboard (or click on DASHBOARD Log-in at the top of our website) and put in your chosen password. The SMASH Maths Practice will then be available to start.

For schools:
  1. Schools can subscribe to free weekly Spiral practices here.

  2. We also have a premium SATs Revision programme which covers every Key Stage 2 Test Framework code from Years 3 to 6. Sign up here.

For parents/carers, we have three core SMASH Maths at Home packages:

  • Catch Up
  • Keep on Track
  • Prepare for 7+ and 11

Please see more details of the packages here.

You need to choose the package most relevant to your child’s needs. Please see how the following situations apply to your child and choose a plan accordingly.

For schools, our SMASH Maths for Schools product is one standard product that introduces topics based on the White Rose maths framework.

Parents/carers can choose from 3 SMASH Maths at Home packages for their children.

Our Keep on Track programme will support them with mastering their current year group content and prepare for SATs.

If they are falling behind and they need extra help, then we would strongly recommend our Catch Up programme. This will help your child master their current year group standards but also secure learning from the previous year group, to help them catch up and be confident with all areas of the curriculum.

If your child is a confident mathematician and you are keen to help them excel further then you are welcome to subscribe to our Prepare for 7+ and 11+ Entrance exams package even if your child will not be sitting the grammar or independent school entrance exams. The additional practice and accelerated learning will put them in good stead!


We would recommend that you select Prepare for 7+ and 11+ Entrance exams. This will provide your child with two SMASH Maths Practices per week for your child to master their current year group standards and prepare for Grammar or Independent school exams.


We would recommend trying our free trial with your child for their current year group. If you are currently in the summer holidays, choose the academic year that you child has just finished.

Choose the package that you think is most suitable for your child – Catch Up, Keep on Track, or Prepare for 7+/11+. If your child finds the package too easy or difficult, please email us at and we will change the package accordingly for free.

Easy, just email us at and we will do it for you, for free.

1. For SMASH Maths at Home and SMASH Maths for Schools Premium package, the Practices are published every Thursday night. 

For the SMASH Maths at School Free package, Practices at published early on Monday morning (during term time).

2. The SMASH Maths Practices can be done on tablets or laptops/PCs. SMASH Maths is web-based, so can be done on Android and Apple devices.

3. We highly recommend, for good test practice, the Practices should be done with a pencil and paper ready for children to write their workings out.

4. Simply click on DASHBOARD Log-in at the top of our website and put in your password. Choose the SMASH Maths Practice and then it will then start!

5. Our unique SMASH Maths Practice uses our Spiral Curriculum approach, which is based on spaced repetition. This means for every practice, your child will complete questions on all six domains of the curriculum. This way your child is revisiting all topics at each test, so they do not forget what they have learnt previously. This is the key to success!

6. Your child will be allowed one attempt at every question but will be able to take the practice up to three times.

7. For every correct answer, your child will receive a motivational GIF to praise and encourage them.

8. For every incorrect answer, your child will receive audio and written ‘Let’s Solve it Together’ feedback with detailed step by step guidance. In a research paper by Pashler, Rohrer, Cepeda, and Carpenter, the authors found that feedback provided during the tests was beneficial for embedding learning during spaced repetition.

9. There is no time limit for completion of the SMASH Practice.

10. At the end of the SMASH Maths Practice, your child will be shown a total score. The answer feedback for all questions can be downloaded as a PDF and printed so your child can revise again. All scores and question feedback will also be emailed to the parent/carer for the SMASH Maths at Home product, and to the teacher for SMASH Maths at School.

11. At any time, parents/carers and teachers can access your their dashboard on the SMASH Maths website (using your email address and password) to analyse data for how well their child/pupils have performed, but also identify any gaps in their learning. The SMASH Maths program is designed to fill in the gaps over time, but certainly feel free to help your child with any gaps if you want.


At SMASH Maths, our philosophy is to expose children to questions covering all topic areas of the curriculum every week. This helps improve learning retention considerably. It is a strategy that we have trialled and tested, and we know gets great results.

Every SMASH Maths practice includes questions on ALL six areas of the UK curriculum each week:

1. Number and Place Value

2. Calculation

3. Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

4. Measurement

5. Geometry

6. Statistics

Every SMASH Maths practice is bespoke and carefully designed by leading maths experts to ensure excellent coverage of sub strands within each of the six areas of the curriculum using spaced repetition. Find out more here: SMASH Maths Spiral Curriculum.

Every SMASH Maths practice is bespoke and carefully designed by leading maths experts to ensure excellent coverage of sub strands within each of the six areas of the UK maths curriculum using spaced repetition. This means we continually revisit learning on a weekly “spaced” basis that children are expected to know for their age, while introducing more current topics that children will have recently learnt at school.

Yes, absolutely! Every SMASH Maths practice is aligned to the UK national curriculum and carefully designed by leading maths experts – Sarah-Anne Fernandes and Trevor Dixon. Together they have a wealth of experience of writing pupil study guides, teacher handbooks and assessments for a number of renowned education publishers such as Collins, Hodder, Schofield and Simms, Rising Stars, NfER, Oxford and Cambridge RSA.

Once you get your login, you can access the Analytics log-in at the top of our website.

Here you can see exactly how well your children has performed versus peers but also identify any gaps in their learning for every SMASH Practice they complete. Rest assured, however, that the SMASH Maths practices is designed to fill those gaps in any case, given that we have a directed program that covers all topics via our Spiral Curriculum.

You can cancel your plan at any time. Simply email us at


Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of the product and the fact that we offer cancellation at any time, we do not offer refunds.

Please reach out to us and let us know how we can be better: