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SMASH Maths are the experts in providing online maths learning using spaced repetition. This means that our Practices cover all topics of the maths curriculum every week. Spaced repetition has been shown by research to improve learning retention considerably.

This approach is very complementary to topic-based teaching at schools.

At SMASH Maths, we offer fantastic core and premium products for schools.

SMASH Maths for Schools

SMASH Maths for Schools – CORE package

Core SMASH Maths for Schools provides weekly Spiral Practices using spaced repetition. Our core package is suited to schools wanting their pupils to benefit from our unique Spiral Curriculum approach, but also mindful of tight school budgets. 

The Core package costs only £99 per year for the whole school.

The Core version comprises one Practice a week, containing 6 questions. A new Practice is published every Monday morning, during school term time only. 

  • Revisit and consolidate the whole UK maths curriculum.
  • Follows the White Rose scheme of learning. SMASH Maths only introduces topic material in its Practices that pupils have already learnt at school.
  • Can be used as weekly homework, saving teachers time.
  • Instant marking, emailed to teachers.
  • Analytics tool available, so you can compare pupils’ results and Effort Scores, as well as the class average versus the SMASH Maths cohort average.
  • All questions have expert video feedback to explain how to answer the question for maximum marks.
  • Special free add-ons include: Ultimate SATs Revision Programme (with vocabulary videos) and Multiplication Tables Check resources. Our Ultimate SATs Revision Programme is made available one week before maths SATs take place in May.
SMASH Maths for Schools

SMASH Maths for Schools – PREMIUM package

Premium SMASH Maths for Schools is like the Core version, but with the following differences. The package is more suited for schools who prefer to pay for our full Spiral Learning programme for all of their pupils.

The Premium package costs £60 per class, per year.

  • Comprises two Practices a week (not one).
  • Each Practice has 10+ questions (so 20+ questions a week in total per week).
  • New Practices are published every week of the calendar year (not just during school term time as with the free package). This helps pupils retain learning considerably throughout the school holidays.
  • Our Ultimate SATs Revision Programme is made available from the beginning of the Spring term, in January (not one week prior to the exam, as with the free package).
SMASH SATs for Schools

Ultimate Year 6 SATs Revision Programme

Our Ultimate Year 6 SATs Revision Programme is expertly designed for SATs exam success. It is the only SATs programme on the market which covers every KS2 test framework code from Years 3 to 6.

The programme includes 25 Practices with 200 online questions.

Our FREE version is included in our Core SMASH Maths weekly Practices. The SATs Revision Programme is published one week before SATs exams take place in May each year.

Our PREMIUM version is the same as the free version, but is included in our Premium SMASH Maths for Schools weekly Practices and is made available from January each year. The earlier that pupils can use the Ultimate Revision package, the more successful they will be in the SATs exams.

Alternatively, schools can purchase the Ultimate Year 6 SATs Revision programme on a standalone basis for £120 per class. Please click on the button below.


What is
SMASH Maths?

SMASH Maths is not like other online maths programmes.

SMASH Maths is a unique weekly online Practice using a Spiral Curriculum approach to help primary school children learn maths.

We do not follow the current trend of AI-driven adaptive teaching, which we feel has drawbacks for children’s learning (such as not covering the whole curriculum). Learn how we differ to our competitors.

We are focused on using tried and tested spaced repetition to help children gain confidence in maths, and ultimately do their best in SATs, 7+ and 11+ entrance exams.

What is Spiral Practice?

Spiral Practice is where students practise every area of the maths curriculum every week, rather than a traditional topic-by-topic based approach.

Our Spiral Practices use a spaced repetition approach, which is scientifically proven to embed learning retention and get great maths results!

Learning with SMASH Maths Spiral Curriculum
Learning Retention Graph, showing how SMASH Maths Spiral Practice helps students to retain their learning.

Why use SMASH Maths for my school?

We are confident that you will appreciate the many significant advantages of SMASH Maths versus competitors.

Apart from having a free, high-quality weekly Spiral programme, our schools Practices have all of the following benefits that you will not find with other online maths providers.

Unique Spiral

Unique SMASH Maths Spiral Curriculum where students practise every area of the UK maths curriculum every week to improve results considerably.

Online exam-style questions

Online exam-style questions

Directed online practice sent to your inbox. You don’t need to select topics to learn, or worry how to prepare for key assessments.
That’s our job!

Perfect for
Catch Up
7+ & 11+

Fully aligned with exam-based questions for key assessments:

SATs, Independent and Grammar school 7+ and 11+ entrance exams.

Created by leading education experts

Created by Sarah-Anne Fernandes Leading UK Maths Consultant and Primary Maths Author and Trevor Dixon Senior KS2 Test Marker Expert Exam Writer

Video feedback for every question

Step-by-step video guidance on how to solve every question, with weekly progress reports. 

Helps build students’ independence and confidence.

Smash maths learning methods-smash maths

What does SMASH Maths Practice look like?

Sarah-Anne demonstrates exactly what taking a SMASH Maths Practice is like.

Meet the experts behind SMASH Maths

Sarah-Anne Fernandes-math exper smash maths

Sarah-Anne Fernandes

Sarah-Anne is a leading UK Mathematics Educational Consultant who has had the privilege of working with several schools and school leaders across the country to help them improve maths curriculum teaching and results.

She has a proven track record of significantly raising standards in both successful schools and those in challenging circumstances. Sarah-Anne was instrumental in raising mathematics standards in the London Borough of Sutton, which became the second highest performing local authority in the country for mathematics when she was in post as the local authority maths advisor.

Over the years, Sarah-Anne has been commissioned to Author and be Series Editor for a range of titles for leading Education publishers. This is where Sarah-Anne and Trevor became connected and together they have worked on several maths books and assessments that have been used by schools and pupils across the country.  

Trevor Dixon-math exper smash maths

Trevor Dixon

Trevor Dixon has over 35 years’ teaching experience; working for nearly 30 years as a maths subject leader in three different primary schools. He is a former Advanced Skills Teacher, who specialised in mathematics teaching and learning. Trevor led and organised a Saturday morning class for gifted mathematicians drawn from Year 6 pupils across his local authority.

He is an Associate of the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics. He also holds the Mathematics Association Diploma of Mathematical Education alongside his degree and teaching qualifications.

Trevor has a wide range of experience writing maths assessment questions and papers, study guides and workbooks for Rising Stars, HarperCollins, Letts, AlphaPlus and GL Assessment from KS1 to KS3.

He has written exam papers for Cambridge Progression Mathematics for Oxford and R.S.A Examinations (O.C.R.) and was a senior marker for the exam.


SIMON JACKSON Headteacher of St Leonard’s Primary School, Lambeth Ofsted rating: Outstanding

Simon discusses how Sarah-Anne has used her Spiral Curriculum approach to improve maths results at his school considerably.

Sarah-Anne’s expertise and use of the Spiral Practice approach in mathematics has ensured the school consistently achieves excellent maths outcomes at the end of Year 6.

This can be seen from the graph below (from the government’s school performance website) which shows how St. Leonard’s three-year average maths score is higher than other schools in their local authority and against all state schools in England.

More testimonials

Jamie, Maths Subject Leader, Muschamp Primary School

“We have been using the ‘spiral curriculum’ approach for a number of years at Muschamp Primary School, since Sarah-Anne Fernandes introduced it. The philosophy behind spaced repetition, which enables regularly revisiting all topics learnt has had a significant impact on our children embedding their maths knowledge and having confidence to solve maths problems. The SPIRAL strategy has certainly contributed towards our consistently strong SATs results over the last few years.”

Shanelle, Maths Subject Leader, St Leonard's Primary School

“Sarah-Anne is a fantastic maths consultant and has really shaped me into the Maths Leader I am today. She has a wealth of subject knowledge and demonstrates her expertise in many ways.

Her spiral maths curriculum guidance has had a significant impact on improving maths results and enabled the children at my school to respond more positively to maths, especially towards problem solving.”

Louise, teacher in Rochester, Year 2, Keep on Track

“I’m a teacher at an independent school so always keeping my eye out for resources! I heard about SMASH Maths so signed up my daughter. Bea worked hard on the questions and really loved Sarah-Anne’s feedback! She thought Sarah-Anne was marking it there and then! I really like how SMASH Maths is helping her revisit concepts and make progress on new ones.”

Titles written by the SMASH Maths experts Sarah-Anne Fernandes and Trevor Dixon

(Published by Collins, Rising Stars, Hodder and Schofield & Sims).

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