Keep on Track maths programme

Keep on Track Programme

Who is the Keep on Track programme for?

Our Keep on Track programme is perfect for pupils who want to master the current year curriculum and ace end of year assessments or exams. This will include SATs exams if your child is in Year 6 (age 10-11).

Our Keep on Track programme helps by exposing your child to all 6 domains of the current curriculum every week. This way, our Spiral Curriculum approach helps your child master current year learning. 

For example: Your child is aged 7 and will turn 8 in the current academic year (this is Year 3 in the UK, or Grade 2 in the US). The Keep on Track programme for your child will therefore include curriculum content for the current year (Year 4 UK / Grade 3 US). The aim of the programme is to help your child ace end of year assessments.

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Per month

8 SMASH Maths Practices.
80+ questions.

Per week

2 SMASH Maths Practices.
20+ questions.

£6.00 or $7.50 per month. Cancel at any time

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How do I know if Keep on Track is right for my child?

The best way to find out which package to choose for home learning for your child is to start our free Trial.

There are three levels in the free Trial; Catch Up, Keep on Track, or Prepare for 7+ / 11+ Entrance exams.

If you are unsure which package to choose, it is a good idea to start with the Keep on Track (KOT) package.

If your child is scoring below 50% on KOT, then you can email us to change the package (for free) to Catch Up.

If your child is scoring 50-80% on KOT, then the Keep on Track package is appropriate for your child.

If your child is scoring over 80% on KOT, then please email us and we can change the package (for free) up to Prepare for 7+ / 11+, which includes curriculum content from the year above.

Praise for our Keep on Track programme

A very valuable resource for primary school children – Amine Guesmi

Smash Maths has been a game changer for my 2 boys aged 5 and 7 (Y1 and Y3). Both absolutely love the practices and find them very entertaining. They can’t wait for the weekly releases as they compete to finish the questions and uncover new themed GIFs rewarding correct answers. Feedback videos and end-of-practice reports are clear and straight to the point.
I find the number of questions, level of difficulty and variety of topics very appropriate. This means that, over time, a lot gets covered in depth and breadth without you needing to worry about which subjects to cover. Highly recommended.

Super user friendly platform – Helen Wiles

Super user friendly platform and beautifully presented.
The videos available to explain every question are fantastic, it’s like having a tutor in the room with you.
10 questions at a time is really manageable and not daunting for a child so there aren’t arguments about doing it either!
Like the little tweaks in feedback remarks especially for Wimbledon etc, a nice touch

£6.00 or $7.50 per month. Cancel at any time

No credit card needed