Catch Up maths programme

Catch Up Programme

Who is the Catch Up programme for?

Our Catch Up programme is perfect for pupils who have fallen behind their current year curriculum and need to catch up. The Catch Up programme really helps boost pupils’ confidence with all areas of the curriculum.

Your child may have fallen behind for various reasons. For example, the type of distance learning provided by your school may have been inadequate, or your child may be suffering from a challenging learning condition such as ADHD. Our Catch Up programme is also great for children who have fallen behind if home schooling has initially been difficult.

The Catch Up programme helps by including curriculum content from the previous year to help your child secure prior year learning. The programme also feeds in content from your child’s current year curriculum so that they can catch up with peers.

For example: Your child is aged 8 and will turn 9 in the current academic year (this is Year 4 in the UK, or Grade 3 in the US). The Catch Up programme for your child will therefore include curriculum content from the prior year (Year 3 UK / Grade 2 US), as well as feed in content for the current year (Year 4 UK / Grade 3 US).

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8 SMASH Maths Practices.
80+ questions.

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2 SMASH Maths Practices.
20+ questions.

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How do I know if Catch Up is right for my child?

The best way to find out which package to choose for home learning for your child is to start our free Trial.

There are three levels in the free Trial; Catch Up, Keep on Track, or Prepare for 7+ / 11+ Entrance exams.

If you are unsure which package to choose, it is a good idea to start with the Keep on Track (KOT) package.

If your child is scoring below 50% on KOT, then you can email us to change the package (for free) to Catch Up.

If your child is scoring 50-80% on KOT, then the Keep on Track package is appropriate for your child.

If your child is scoring over 80% on KOT, then please email us and we can change the package (for free) up to Prepare for 7+ / 11+, which includes curriculum content from the year above.

Praise for our Catch Up programme

Effective maths programme – Victoria Moffat

This has got to be the best money I have ever spent. My daughter is diagnosed with ADHD, which has impacted her ability to learn considerably. On returning to school in year 3 following Covid, she was approximately 18 months behind her peers. Smash maths has had a considerable impact on her learning. She has gone from having relatively no confidence and needing help with every question to enthusiastically tackling them on her own. The tutoring videos are great and she loves the little gifs when she gets the questions right. At her latest pupil review meeting she is now at the expected standard for her age. I can’t recommend Smash maths enough, it has definitely worked for us.

We start with smash maths straight after covid lockdown – Mjlgvs Garcia

We start with smash maths straight after covid lockdown. My two boys were really struggling at maths so they really needed something to help them to improve and get back on track .
Smash maths is perfect! They do the tests quickly it covers all the maths subjects for their year and the best part if they don’t know how to do a exercise there is always a video explaining how is done . My oldest is already at secondary school and is with very good grades at Maths and my youngest now in year 5 is one of the best students at Maths.

£6.00 or $7.50 per month. Cancel at any time


No credit card needed