Primary online maths learning with video feedback for every question

SMASH Maths - Primary online maths learning with video feedback for every question
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Spiral Practices where we use spaced repetition to improve learning retention and get great exam results!
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Why SMASH Maths?

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Complete curriculum coverage with a Spiral Approach

Our unique SMASH Maths Spiral Curriculum allows pupils to practise every area of the UK Primary maths curriculum every week to improve results considerably.

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Online maths questions with instant marking

Our online practices are sent direct to your inbox. 
You don’t need to select topics to learn, or worry how to prepare for key assessments. Questions are marked instantly and results emailed to you.

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Perfect for
Catch Up
7+ & 11+

Fully aligned with exam-based questions for key assessments:


SATs, Independent and Grammar school 7+ and 11+ exams.

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Created by leading education experts

Created by Sarah-Anne Fernandes
Leading UK Maths Consultant and
Primary Maths Author and Trevor Dixon
Senior KS2 Test Marker

Expert Exam Writer

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Video feedback for every question (that's 6000+ videos!)

Step-by-step video guidance on how to solve every question, with weekly progress reports. Helps build students' independence and confidence.

Maths for Everyone

SMASH Maths is for all pupils, regardless of ability.

Our aim is to provide the best possible practice for pupils so that they can do their best in SATs papers for KS2, and also 7+ and 11+ exams for those pupils looking to enter the top grammar and independent schools. 

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