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The Ultimate Year 6 SATs Revision Programme

The SMASH Maths Ultimate Year 6 Revision Programme is the only programme schools need to help their pupils ace SATs.

The essence of the programme uses our tried and trusted Spiral Learning approach, but there are extra add-ons, such as vocabulary videos and the ability to practise every question from past SATs exam papers.

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Online exam-style questions
200 online SATs-style questions
25 Practices, with 8 high quality questions per Practice. The questions are bespoke and expertly written with context in a ‘SATs-style’. They are not computer-generated.
The Practices are marked instantly and sent straight to teachers’ inboxes.
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The only SATs programme that covers every Key Stage 2 Test Framework code from Years 3 to 6
Make sure your pupils cover the whole KS2 curriculum for SATs success, not just Year 6 (which is the case for other SATs revision programmes).
SMASH SATs vocabulary videos
SMASH SATs vocabulary videos
Vocabulary videos are included to help pupils understand important maths vocabulary, such as “Improper Fraction” or “Isosceles Triangle” 
Trevor Dixon and Sarah-Anne Fernandes
Created by KS2 2022 Senior Test Marker Trevor Dixon and Maths Consultant Sarah-Anne Fernandes
You are in the hands of the experts!
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Detailed expert video feedback for every question
Our videos provide excellent modelling for all questions to show pupils exactly how to score maximum marks.
Questions from each past SATs paper to practise
We provide questions from each past SATs paper, organised by domain, for pupils to practise.

How do I get the programme?

There are two ways schools can access our SMASH SATs Revision Programme to get great SATs results.

FREE version
  • SMASH SATs Revision Programme is included for free as part of our free weekly SMASH Maths for Schools package.

  • The Revision Programme is added to schools’ Dashboards one week before SATs start.

  • Includes 35 anonymous pupil log-ins per class.

  • Results are emailed to pupils’ teachers.

PREMIUM version
  • Purchase for your school for £120 per class

  • The same as the free version, but package can be bought at any time of the year. 

  • The earlier that pupils can use the Ultimate Revision package, the more successful they will be in the SATs exams.