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SMASH Maths for Schools

SMASH Maths for Schools provides weekly online Spiral Practices using spaced repetition. Spaced repetition has been shown by research to improve learning retention considerably.

We have free and premium versions of SMASH Maths for Schools.

Our free version comprises one Practice a week, containing 6 questions. A new Practice is published every Monday, during school term time only.

We ask partner schools that subscribe to our free package to promote SMASH Maths for Parents packages to their parent community. This is how we generate revenues and are able to provide this high quality product to schools for free. We will provide materials to schools to do this (e.g. flyers, details of parent workshops), which can simply be forwarded on to parents.

Free package key features

✅ Revisit and consolidate the whole UK maths curriculum.

✅ Can be used as weekly homework, saving teachers time.

✅ Instant marking, emailed to teachers.

✅ All questions have expert video feedback to explain how to answer the question for maximum marks.

✅ Data Analysis available, so you can compare pupils’ results and Effort Scores, as well as the class average versus the SMASH Maths cohort average.

✅ Special free add-ons include: Ultimate SATs Revision Programme (with vocabulary videos) and Multiplication Tables Check resources. In our free package, the Ultimate SATs Revision Programme is made available one week before maths SATs take place in May

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