Smash inflation with SMASH Maths

Inflation is an increasing burden on everyone’s lives. Individuals and institutions alike are facing not just rising energy bills as we head into winter, but higher costs everywhere.

The Guardian newspaper has written how the electricity bill of one school in a small trust has jumped from £122,279 a year to £522,986 as part of a new two-year deal. The hike in gas prices has been even more dramatic, up from £32,783 last year to £252,926, a 671% increase.

Meanwhile, the Telegraph has written how funding per pupil in England has fallen by nine per cent between 2010 and 2020 in real terms. The Government has committed an extra £7 billion for school budgets in England by 2024, with the aim of bringing spending per pupil back to 2010 levels. However, the Institute for Fiscal Studies has warned that in 2024 spending per pupil will remain three per cent below 2010 levels in real terms after factoring in a rise in costs.

There is still a very clear danger to schools and pupils from the threat of inflation, despite government measures. We at SMASH Maths fully empathise with the enormous challenge faced by school leaders and pupils, who have only just dealt with the pandemic crisis. This is why, since the launch of SMASH Maths during the pandemic, we have made a clear moral promise.


We provide our weekly schools Practices for FREE to all pupils of schools that partner
with us.

Using SMASH Maths is one way to face down the peril of inflation, allowing schools to cut thousands of pounds from rising EdTech costs, while helping all pupils flourish in their maths learning. Indeed, our weekly schools Spiral Practices are free to all pupils aged 5 to 11 – not just Free School Meal pupils, Pupil Premium pupils, or SEN pupils. This is to ensure that every child can catch up and improve their maths learning using our unique Spiral Learning approach.

SMASH Maths for Schools is free and high quality

Schools are often taken aback as to how SMASH Maths can offer high quality spiral learning for free. Schools receive 6-8 expertly written SATs-style questions every week during term time, for all year groups. The Practices can either be used in the classroom or as homework.

SMASH Maths is effective for pupils’ memory retention. It promotes independent learning, with expert video feedback providing a model answer for each question. It saves teachers time, as the Spiral Practices are planned for them, are aligned to White Rose schemes, with each practice instantly marked and emailed to teachers’ inboxes.

Schools that are using the programme are extremely positive about how it works. Indeed, the provision of premium online maths learning to schools for free is being increasingly recognised by industry experts, with SMASH Maths shortlisted as a finalist for the 2022 Teach Primary maths award.

The SMASH Maths free model is not a strategy to hook schools into the product in the short term, only to charge them later. It is a revolutionary pricing model that ensures both schools and parents benefit immensely. Let’s explain how.

The SMASH Maths model

Schools that have partnered with us receive SMASH Maths at School practices every week of the academic year for free, forever. The cost benefit to schools is clear. Schools receive a premium online maths product for free, allowing them to save thousands of pounds on EdTech in the face of rising inflation.

Our partner schools also promote our premium SMASH Maths at Home product, which comprises two additional practices (10+ questions in each practice), published every week of the calendar year (not just during term time). Partner schools are given a 30% discount code for their parent community, making the home practices more affordable at £8.40 per month. Our partner schools are happy promoting SMASH Maths at Home to their parent community, as it reinforces learning by their pupils even more using our high-quality Practices.

The purchase of the premium SMASH Maths at Home product by parents enables SMASH Maths for Schools to be provided for free, which is an immense benefit to schools and all of their pupils.


Why parents may purchase SMASH Maths at Home

There are various reasons why parents might want to purchase SMASH Maths at Home, in addition to the free Practices their children are already doing via their school.

As well as providing more questions that are available every week of the calendar year, SMASH Maths at Home has different plans that parents can choose to benefit their children’s learning, and which teachers can recommend depending on their specific needs.

  1. Catch Up programme. This is for children that might need to catch up with maths. The programme is dedicated to reinforcing learning from the previous year as well as helping them with their current year learning.

  2. Keep on Track programme. This programme consolidates current year learning and helps children to perform well in Year 6 SATs exams. Available for children in Years 1-6.

  3. Prepare for 7+/11+ Exams programme. This programme provides the best preparation for pupils who are focused on either the 7+ or 11+ exams for grammar and independent schools. The programme also assists pupils that want to achieve. The programme prepares the children on the next year and current year maths curriculum.

SMASH Maths is a win-win proposition for schools, parents and most of all, pupils. Not only does it provide premium learning using a unique spaced repetition approach, but it does so in way that helps schools fight the scourge of inflation – by being free!


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Smash inflation with SMASH Maths

Smash inflation with SMASH Maths Inflation is an increasing burden on everyone’s lives. Individuals and institutions alike are facing not just rising energy bills as


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