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"I have no doubt that Smash Maths is going to help teachers, parents and most importantly the children to practise the skills they need to become brilliant mathematicians."


Simon Jackson,

Headteacher of

St Leonard's Primary School, Lambeth

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What is


Spiral Practice?

SMASH Maths is a unique weekly online Spiral Practice for primary school children.
Students revisit and practise every area of the maths curriculum every week, rather than a traditional topic-by-topic based approach.
It is the perfect complement to revisit and embed maths teaching at school.
This approach is proven to review, consolidate and embed learning for every pupil using spaced repetition.
All our practices are carefully designed to systematically introduce current year group content while revisiting the previous year's learning.
Our spiral approach aligns to Amanda Spielman's (Ofsted's Chief Inspector) recent message in her ASCL Annual Conference 2021 Speech: 
“We all know that building and consolidating learning takes practice and repetition.”
Try a sample Practice with mixed questions from KS1 and KS2.
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SMASH Maths Programmes

We offer three programmes to choose from for every pupil in every year group to do in class.
Each FREE programme has 8 questions per week.
All practices for every programme are carefully designed to systematically introduce current year group content while revisiting the previous year's learning!
Catch Up
  • Recap and secure learning from previous year group standards to build a firm foundation.

  • Begin to master current year group standards to boost confidence in all areas of the curriculum. 

Keep on Track
  • Master current year group standards and all areas of the curriculum, while revisiting and embedding learning from previous year group content.

  • Prepare children to confidently achieve expected or above expected standard in National SATs tests.

  • Pupils accelerate ahead onto next year’s curriculum content, while revisiting and embedding learning from previous year group content. 

  • Recommended for pupils preparing for 7+ and 11+ independent / grammar school tests. 

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What happens after I sign up?


  • You receive an email confirming your registration.

  • You fill out the attached Excel file to onboard your students and email it back to us at hello@smashmaths.org

  • View an example Excel file here.

  • We provide you with a password for all your students to do SMASH Maths for FREE (8 questions per week).



  • We email you a 50% partnership discount offer to send to parents so that they can purchase our SMASH Maths Packages to use at home (20 questions per week).

  • We send you a letter template to send to parents outlining the benefits of SMASH Maths.

  • We set up a dedicated landing page with your school logo for parents to purchase SMASH Maths with a 50% discount code (£6 per child / month). 



  • All pupils do SMASH Maths at school (8 questions per week).

  • All practice results are emailed to pupils' teachers. Practice results can also be downloaded by parents.

  • Pupils whose parents have bought SMASH Maths at home do an additional 20 questions per week. This is strongly recommended to improve results across the whole school.

The SMASH Maths School Spiral Partnership includes:
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Weekly Spiral

Unique SMASH Maths Practices provided every week with 8 online questions.


We offer 3 different programmes for pupils:

Catch Up

Keep on Track


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A simple model for busy teachers

Teachers don’t need to select topics to learn.

That’s our job! 

SMASH Maths can be done by pupils individually or used by teachers to lead class lessons.

Pupils' results can be emailed direct to teachers' inboxes for analysis.

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Exam-based questions

Fully aligned with exam-based questions for key assessments:


SATs, Independent and Grammar school 7+ and 11+ exams.

Guided Learning SMASH Maths_purple.png
Expert guided learning

Expert, step-by-step video and written guidance on how to solve every question, with weekly progress reports.


Helps build students' independence and confidence.

50% parent discount for core SMASH Maths products

We provide schools with an exclusive 50% discount code for parents to purchase SMASH Maths at home (20 questions per week).

This raises maths standards across the whole school.

Case study


Headteacher of St Leonard's Primary School, Lambeth

Ofsted rating: Outstanding

Simon discusses how Sarah-Anne has used her Spiral Curriculum approach to improve maths results at his school considerably.

Sarah-Anne's expertise and use of the Spiral Practice approach in mathematics has ensured the school consistently achieves excellent maths outcomes at the end of Year 6.


This can be seen from the graph below (from the government's school performance website) which shows how St. Leonard's three-year average maths score is higher than other schools in their local authority and against all state schools in England.



Jamie, Maths Subject Leader, Muschamp Primary School 

“We have been using the ‘spiral curriculum’ approach for a number of years at Muschamp Primary School, since Sarah-Anne Fernandes introduced it.


The philosophy behind spaced repetition, which enables regularly revisiting all topics learnt has had a significant impact on our children embedding their maths knowledge and having confidence to solve maths problems.


The SPIRAL strategy has certainly contributed towards our consistently strong SATs results over the last few years.” 

Meet the experts behind SMASH Maths

Sarah-Anne Fernandes

Sarah-Anne is a leading UK Mathematics Educational Consultant who has had the privilege of working with several schools and school leaders across the country to help them improve maths curriculum teaching and results.

She has a proven track record of significantly raising standards in both successful schools and those in challenging circumstances. Sarah-Anne was instrumental in raising mathematics standards in the London Borough of Sutton, which became the second highest performing local authority in the country for mathematics when she was in post as the local authority maths advisor.


Trevor Dixon

Trevor Dixon has over 35 years' teaching experience; working for nearly 30 years as a maths subject leader in three different primary schools. He is a former Advanced Skills Teacher, who specialised in mathematics teaching and learning. Trevor led and organised a Saturday morning class for gifted mathematicians drawn from Year 6 pupils across his local authority.

He is an Associate of the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics. He also holds the Mathematics Association Diploma of Mathematical Education alongside his degree and teaching qualifications.

Titles written by the SMASH Maths experts Sarah-Anne Fernandes and Trevor Dixon

(Published by Collins, Rising Stars, Hodder and Schofield & Sims).