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Keep on Track Product


✅ Two SMASH Maths Practices per week for your child.
✅ Master current year group standards and be confident with all areas of the curriculum.
✅ Also prepares children in Years 2 and 6 for National SATs tests.

Learning delivered to your inbox per month:

​8 SMASH Maths Practices
Comprises 80+ expertly written questions, all with feedback videos

Cancel at any time
No card needed
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How do I know if Keep on Track is best for my child?

If you are unsure about which package to get for your child, sign up to our two-week free Trial.


  • If your child scores in 50-70% range, then the Keep on Track (KOT) programme is the best one to go for.

  • If your child scores below this range, the Catch Up (CU) programme will be the best one to choose to consolidate learning from the previous year.

  • Above this range, then the Prepare for 7+ and 11+ Entrance exams (PFE) programme will provide extra stretch for your child, taking into account curriculum material from the year above.


What if I want to change or cancel my package?

The packages can be changed for free at any time (if your child finds the current package too easy or difficult). Just email us at

All packages can be cancelled at any time for complete peace of mind. Just email us.


Read our genuine Trustpilot reviews to see what other parents are saying about our Keep on Track product.

A very valuable resource for primary school children

Smash Maths has been a game changer for my 2 boys aged 5 and 7 (Y1 and Y3). Both absolutely love the practices and find them very entertaining. They can't wait for the weekly releases as they compete to finish the questions and uncover new themed GIFs rewarding correct answers. Feedback videos and end-of-practice reports are clear and straight to the point.

I find the number of questions, level of difficulty and variety of topics very appropriate. This means that, over time, a lot gets covered in depth and breadth without you needing to worry about which subjects to cover. Highly recommended.

amine guesmi

Fantastic Maths programme

Fantastic Maths programme. My child has really enjoyed the weekly exercises. It has improved his confidence in Maths I would highly recommend it. The spiral system they use with the supporting videos and clear explanations make the programme easy to use and follow. We recently had a zoom catchup call with the creator Sarah which was amazing. Sarah was very generous with her time going through the programme answering our questions and analysing his areas of strength and weaknesses..


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