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Expert online maths practice, using our unique Spiral Curriculum

Award-winning weekly online Spiral Maths Practices 
✅ Uses tried and trusted spaced repetition
Expert videos for all questions
✅ Years 1-6

We have specialist programmes for:

✅ Keeping on Track for end of year exams, including Y6 SATs
✅ 7+ and 11+ entrance exams, for leading grammar and independent schools
✅ Catch Up maths, if your child has fallen behind
✅ Home learning, to cover the whole curriculum in a structured and comprehensive manner
Cancel at any time
No card needed
What is SMASH Maths?
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Why choose
SMASH Maths?

SMASH Maths is a unique weekly online Spiral Practice for primary school children.

What is Spiral Practice?

Spiral Practice is where students practise every area of the maths curriculum every week, rather than a traditional topic-by-topic based approach.

Our Spiral Practices use a spaced repetition approach,
which is proven to embed learning retention and get great maths results!

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Unique SMASH Maths Spiral Curriculum where students practise every area of the UK maths curriculum every week to improve results considerably.

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Directed online practice sent to your inbox. 
You don’t need to select topics to learn, or worry how to prepare for key assessments.

That’s our job! 

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Perfect for
Catch Up
7+ & 11+

Fully aligned with exam-based questions for key assessments:


SATs, Independent and Grammar school 7+ and 11+ exams.

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Created by leading education experts

Created by Sarah-Anne Fernandes
Leading UK Maths Consultant and
Primary Maths Author and Trevor Dixon
Senior KS2 Test Marker

Expert Exam Writer

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Video feedback for every question

Step-by-step video guidance on how to solve every question, with weekly progress reports. Helps build students' independence and confidence.

Questions? Book a Zoom call

Book a free Zoom call for a friendly chat with Sarah-Anne, founder of SMASH Maths and a leading UK Primary Maths consultant, to find out more about how our Spiral Maths Practices can help your child.

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What SMASH Maths programme should I choose?

Our specialist SMASH Maths programmes are for pupils aged 5-11

We offer three ways to learn for your child:

Catch Up (CU), Keep on Track (KOT) and Prepare for 7+ and 11+ Entrance exams (PFE)

Which package should I choose?

If you are unsure about which package to get for your child, sign up to our two-week free Trial.


  • If your child scores in 50-70% range, then the Keep on Track programme is the best one to go for.

  • If your child scores below this range, the Catch Up programme will be the best one to choose to consolidate learning from the previous year.

  • Above this range, then the Prepare for 7+ and 11+ Exams programme will provide extra stretch for your child, taking into account curriculum material from the year above.


What if I want to change or cancel my package?

The packages can be changed for free at any time (if your child finds the current package too easy or difficult). Just email us at

All packages can be cancelled at any time for complete peace of mind. Just email us.

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Catch Up
  • Two SMASH Maths Practices per week for your child.

  • Catch up and secure learning from the previous year group

  • Also begin to master their current year group standards.

  • Boosts confidence with all areas of the curriculum.


Learning delivered to your inbox per month:

  • 8 SMASH Maths Practices.

  • 80+ questions.

£12 per month

(£10 per month for each extra child)

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Keep on Track
  • Two SMASH Maths Practices per week for your child.

  • Master current year group standards and be confident with all areas of the curriculum.

  • Also prepares children in Years 2 and 6 for National SATs tests.


Learning delivered to your inbox per month:

  • 8 SMASH Maths Practices.

  • 80+ questions.

£12 per month

(£10 per month for each extra child)

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Prepare for 7+ and
11+ Entrance exams
  • Two SMASH Maths Practices per week for your child.

  • Successfully prepare for child for Grammar and Independent school exams.

  • Strongly recommended for children in Years 1 and 2 applying for 7+ and children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 applying for 11+.

Learning delivered to your inbox per month:

  • 8 SMASH Maths Practices.

  • 80+ questions.

£12 per month

(£10 per month for each extra child)

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What does SMASH Maths Practice look like?

Sarah-Anne demonstrates exactly what taking a SMASH Maths Practice is like for your child.
Video Demo
What does SMASH Maths Practice look like?

Meet the experts behind SMASH Maths




Headteacher of St Leonard's Primary School, Lambeth

Ofsted rating: Outstanding

Simon discusses how Sarah-Anne has used her Spiral Curriculum approach to improve maths results at his school considerably.

Sarah-Anne's expertise and use of the Spiral Practice approach in mathematics has ensured the school consistently achieves excellent maths outcomes at the end of Year 6.


This can be seen from the graph below (from the government's school performance website) which shows how St. Leonard's three-year average maths score is higher than other schools in their local authority and against all state schools in England.


Jamie, Maths Subject Leader, Muschamp Primary School 

“We have been using the ‘spiral curriculum’ approach for a number of years at Muschamp Primary School, since Sarah-Anne Fernandes introduced it.


The philosophy behind spaced repetition, which enables regularly revisiting all topics learnt has had a significant impact on our children embedding their maths knowledge and having confidence to solve maths problems.


The SPIRAL strategy has certainly contributed towards our consistently strong SATs results over the last few years.” 

Titles written by the SMASH Maths experts Sarah-Anne Fernandes and Trevor Dixon

(Published by Collins, Rising Stars, Hodder and Schofield & Sims).

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